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# Directly reach the contact form by clicking here or write us an email at




MTBlades focuses on a very personnalized service and take care of its customers. I make very unique knives, for very unique people, and I privilege the quality of the relation with the folks buying my creations. 


That's why I ask anyone who wants to order a blade on my website to contact me directly. There are two ways to get in touch with me :


_ write to my email adress directly :


_ write me through the form below.

This way, I can communicate personnaly with you, offer you customisations options, consider your requests and bring to your purchase a very personnal aspect ...


I will keep you informed of every new releases, special offers, exclusive customisation options (like a special limited wood  stock arrival, a limited serie about to be released or a numbered serie only made to order, and more privileges ...)


And get in touch with me on Facebook via the MTBlades'  Facebook page.




Contact Form

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MMERCI ! Votre message a bien été envoyé. Vous allez recevoir ma réponse très bientôt. Ben

Thank you !


Please read the notice above.


Ben, MTBlades' handcrafter,

wishes you an amazing day !

Important notice


Since buying and carrying knives and other blades are usually regulated by law, please notice that by purchasing an item on this website, you certify de facto that you are over the majority age (minimum 18 years of age) and fulfill the legal conditions of  your country of residence.


Please notice that in any way MTBlades can be held responsible for customs regulations about blades, woods, leather... introduction in your country (however knives are sent all the time throughout the world without any problems).


Please also get information about the legal regulation regarding the carrying of knives, so you can comply with national/internationnal laws while carrying your MT blade (Though i carry my machete and knives worldwide by plane train and road for years without a problem).


Finally, note that your blades come VERY VERY sharp !!! (More than any blade you may have ever owned or use.) Testing the sharpness with your thumb is NOT a good idea. Be careful please not to harm yourself or anyone else, and leave your blades out of reach of children or people who don't know to use a sharp blade, as injuries could be very bad...


Thank you !

Product's return policy


MTBlades offers you the possibility to return any item which has not been customised (not including color of case or other small "non-personnalizing" customisations) within 15 days after you received it (register mail delivery receipt proof).

Please contact me directly or download the legal "retraction form" (click on the link below and follow the instruction on the form) if you wish to return your non-used, non-damaged, in its original state item. Refund will be done via the payement mean used to pay. Please notice that shipping cost will be paid by the customer exceptif decided otherwise through discussion.

Download retractation form

Télécharger le formulaire de rétractation

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