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Custom Order

EDIT  -  JANUARY 2019 
Note that from January 2019, to give the best place to my personnal creativity, I will only take orders for exceptionnal projects. Please contact me if you wish to place an order so we can quickly determine together if I can take your order,
Thank you


One way to purchase a MTBlades knife is to contact me and place a custom order.

The prices are displayed on the page of each model. Please visit the page MTBlades knives.

Some one-of-a-kind blade already made and a selection of a few models available in direct order are available on our Etsy shop : THE MTBlades SHOP.

Custom order

When placing an order, we will establish together what are the best choices to make to stick as close as possible to what you want, what will be the final price of the knife, how much of personnal creativity you leave up to me, as well as finish options, shipping options...

After that, the order will be validated and put in the orders list only once the first payment has been done. At that point I will communicate with you to give you an approximate delivery date.

Please remember that all the orders are made in chronological order, and that I currently have between 3 to 4 months of orders ahead of me.


Paypal is the preferred payment mean, except for specific cases, as this platform is safe and fast. All the money transfers are made in the legal frame of my registered company.


One of a kind pieces, especially if sold on Facebook, will preferably be payed in one time. The paiement will be done within 48h after booking the piece. Afterwards, the piece will be put back for sale.

Custom orders can be payed in one or two times (at least half of the price at the first payment) so to secure the order. The rest of the amount will be sent before the knife is shipped. If your order cost over 500€, it's possible to split the payment in three.



Secured payments infos
For your safety and your peace of mind,
all the money transfer are done through Paypal.
Payments are done from paypal account to paypal account (using email adress as an ID) or using bank card trough the paypal platform.
You will never be asked to communicate any bank info, account number or any sensitive information.

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